What To Expect

If you have had hypnotherapy before, you will know that it is actually a very relaxing process that most people enjoy and look forward to. If hypnotherapy is new to you, then the first point I must make is that it is nothing like what is seen on TV or in those live entertainment shows. 

Hypnotherapy is a technique developed by various psychologists over the last few hundred and uses a range of techniques to relax your body and mind to enable therapy or treatment. This process of relaxation allows the opportunity to safely work with the subconscious or inner mind to help people reach their potential. This could be managing anxiety, overcoming fears and phobias, changing habits, negative behaviours and emotions, improving performance and so much more. Hypnotherapy is a powerful and effective tool to address many needs and overcome many issues.

When under hypnosis you are always in control. You are able to move and respond and could never be made to do something you would not want to do. Hypnotherapists are trained healthcare professionals and I am on an accredited register, following a code of ethics, and so professionalism and your well-being is my priority.