“I visited Janine after changing career and was finding it hard to absorb all the new information which was making me extremely anxious and lose confidence.  Over a few sessions Janine taught me techniques during hypnosis to cope with the extra information and reduce the anxiety before I reached the point it became too much.Janine is warm, welcoming and professional and I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

“I have suffered from a phobia of blood tests ever since I can remember.  I would break into a cold sweat and even pass out on every occasion.  I undertook treatment with Janine and from the offset she was welcoming and non-judgemental.  We explored the history and possible causes and then set a treatment plan up, developing strategies to prepare and cope with any future tests.  The treatments were conducted in a relaxing and calming environment.  Since the treatment I have undergone 2 blood tests, and both times I have been far calmer and managed to not pass out for the first-time last year.  I have no doubt that I am now far more able to cope.  My heartfelt thanks to Janine for her time and skills.”

“After many years of insomnia I decided to try hypnotherapy.  After only 2 sessions with Janine I began to see improvements resulting in better and more restful sleep than I had experienced in a very long time.”

“ Due to a terrible fear of flying I had avoided it for many years as the thought of it made me feel physically sick.  We had a family holiday abroad booked and I was very concerned with how I would cope, and not wanting my anxiety to restrict or spoil our family holiday I sought hypnotherapy from Janine.  There was only time for one session but wow! What a difference! I was able to endure the 4 hour flight comfortably using strategies Janine had given me.  I feel confident that with a few more sessions I will totally combat this fear of flying.  For me, hypnotherapy is the way forward and I will definitely be back to see Janine again!”

Anxiety is something I have struggled with as part of my everyday life for many years.  I am so grateful to Janine and her ability to hone in on the triggers that affect me daily.  Understanding why I feel the way I do helps me to deal with my feelings and rationalise.  I feel so much more in control and consequently my anxiety has dramatically reduced.  Janine is professional, understanding and so easy to talk to that identifying issues and conquering them was inevitable.  I never knew hypnotherapy could be so powerful!  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone!”